Me and woodturning

My first introduction to woodturning came as part of my formal training as an arts and crafts teacher. The experience and reputation of my turning teacher led the school to have a well-equipped turning shop, and quite a strong emphasis on turning within the wood and metal curriculum. The formal training program provided me with a solid grounding in technique.

Towards the end of my education, I went to New Zealand to gain both practical experience and a broadened artistic vision. My time there solidified my commitment to woodturning. Staying with some of New Zealand's greatest turners - Gael Montgomery , Mark Piercy and the Beddeks - expanding my sense of the possibilities the medium affords, and experiencing new tools and techniques all deepened my interest.

Upon returning to Denmark, I began to explore the larger woodturning universe. Within a year I was participating in international symposia. It was at the French Woodturning Symposium in 1998 that I met Bonnie Klein and Charles Hutson, both of whom have influenced my work.

The French experience led directly to my first attending an AAW symposium. This was in Tacoma, and was also my first sale outside of Denmark.

My first independent exhibition was held in 1998 at the Valdemars Castle in Denmark. It was here that I introduced my coloured pieces. The response was immediate and dramatic. Everything I brought was sold, with the first sale going to the Baron and Baroness who sponsored the exhibition.

My history of fortuitous events continued and led to my first invitation as a special featured artist. in the 2000 AAW Symposium in Charlotte

Since then I have been exhibiting, demonstrating, and teaching extensively, as well as participating in symposiums and collaborations. In the USA, Canada and Europe and soon to come New Zealand and Australia

The impact that decoration had on both the interest in my work and its price encouraged me to continue to explore these artistic opportunities.
In 2004 I was invited, for the second time, to demonstrate my methods at the American Association of Wood turners Symposium in Orlando, Florida.

The success of that series of demonstrations led to an invitation to tour the US, presenting workshops and demonstrations at quite a few local AAW chapters. That tour is schedule for the late spring and early summer 2005.

Me and My

I was born in 1961 in Copenhagen, Denmark and grew up in the city and suburbs.

Both my maternal grandfather and great-grandfather were German Master Cabinetmakers, "Tichlermeisters." My connection to wood goes back at least three generations.

My grandfather was part of the Danish minority. Consequently, life was difficult during the War. My Mother was very Danish-minded, studied at the Danish school, and resolved to live in Denmark. She studied in Denmark, became a Catering Officer, and married my Dad, an electrical engineer. My genetic connection to the world of wood includes my father's side as well. His grandfather was also a cabinet maker.

In 1986 I became a nurse, and worked in this field for six years. As rewarding as that work was, it was not who I was. Something was missing, and in 1992 I set out to find a way to align my work and my spirit.

Two years studying in Sweden prepared me to be an outdoor guide, moving closer to the nature I so deeply love. During that program I built a wooden canoe, a pair of wooden skis, and carved untold quantities of wooden spoons. Slowly I came to realize that I could find fulfilment by creating artistic objects from wood.

My outdoor training was followed by four years of study as an arts and crafts teacher, specializing in wood and metal. The program was extensive, covering the whole range of media and materials. It was in this program that I found the lathe - and have never looked back since. There is something at once simple and elegant about this particular tool, and about the possibility of creating beautiful pieces from such a basic movement.

I live in one of the most beautiful parts of Denmark on the southern Fyn. Surrounded by a hilly and varied landscape, close to the water, I can sail or paddle my kayak from island to island, hike and bike in solitude, surrounded by birdsong.

As much as I love woodturning, people and nature are most important to me.
I am an outgoing, social person and find inspiration each day from the beauty around me, and from the people I meet.


Contact me at info@woodturndeco.com or phone +45 23375783