This is the direct link to The American Association of Woodturners.I have been a member of this organisation since I found out of it's existence in 1997. If there is anything you want to know within the category of woodturning you will find it here, and if not- there will be information about how to find or contact addresses for more info.
My connections  
Ken Leeden is a good friend of mine. A friend who have helped me a lot to find any kinds of solutions. Ken loves to talk with people about everything and anything and is very good at it. He runs a company that makes all kinds of software solutions.
Elin Juul Jensen is a very good friend of mine in Denmark where I live.She is a very talented woman,with her creativity expanding over a varity of vary variated skills from business management till designing and making dreamcatchers.
Daniel Nielsen is my webmaster and very best long-time friend. He is one of the most multi talented and beautiful people I know of. He composes and plays the most beautiful music and creates wonders of clay. He can juggle many balls- literally and write a doctorate in biochemistry. He has now started a company for selling music and artwork and webdesign. His latest project consist of creating a internet friendly interface to a database where he has gathered phylogenetic information about selected flowers.


Contact me at or phone +45 23375783